Covid - 19

These are unprecedented times and businesses are facing serious challenges which require immediate attention and action.

JKW Law   has since 2006 operated with the intention of being a trusted adviser to business and providing added value to its clients as one of its core objectives.

We advise clients from all over the World on a range of subjects and we worked through the fallout of the financial crisis in 2008 and the subsequent recession. If anything, the challenges now faced are greater and may lead to a more prolonged and deeper recession. Business needs to be ready for these undoubted challenges and opportunities.

Key topics which will be of concern centre on the need to preserve liquidity in the business until the current situation improves which may take many months, if not years. Our role underpinning this strategy is to provide commercially focused legal advice on:

  1. Contractual obligations owed by and to your business;
  2. Commercial - property, banking, insurance and construction;
  3. Insolvency and restructuring;
  4. Recovery of assets and debts owed to the business; and
  5. Employment

The firm is already working with clients remotely to answer relevant questions and we will continue to offer support to ensure owners and directors possess the relevant information and advice to make informed and crucial decisions.

We will be updating this page regularly with articles and news.

Please contact us in the normal way.

The effect of COVID - 19 on Directors' Duties
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Covid - 19
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